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VCRB :: Contents of Volume 58/2003 :: Detailed information


Miroslav MIHOV, Plamen DIMITROV, Kroum TOSKOV
Institute of Horticulture and Canned Foods BG-4003, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Soil shaping in glasshouses is an important and useful agricultural treatment. A shaped soil surface promotes faster warming of the soil and more uniform irrigation, thus facilitates growth of plants. A successful mechanical shaping of the soil surface requires a thorough preceding cultivation.
The studies were carried out on two kinds of soil preparation using a following machines: a plough with three shares and a hoe with an operating width of 125 cm, or a digging machine with an operating width of 150 cm. The results showed that the use of digging machine provided the most suitable conditions for soil shaping. The use of plough and a hoe required some levelling of the soil surface by hand.
For shaping of the soil surface when tomato and pepper are cultivated in glasshouses by scheme 40x90x60x90x40 cm, a functionally fitted experimental prototype of a bed shaper was developed. Four furrows for planting transplants and two levelled paths of 53.90 cm width and 14.00 cm high were formed by double passing in spans of 3.20 m width. Seedlings were planted by hand into the furrows using the soil from the hills. Furrows for irrigation were formed after the second or third digging and hilling up the plants. Thus workers could walk between the rows on levelled and dry paths.
Performed parameters of the machine met the agricultural and technological requirements and were achieved at an operating speed of 0.39 m.s-1. The output of tested machine coupled to T-54BH tractor reached up to 1174-1185 m2h-1.

keywords:glasshouses, mechanization, digging machine, soil surface shaping

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