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Sunday, 24.06.2018

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Warsaw Agriculture UniversityNowoursynowska 166, 02-787 Warsaw, Poland


In laboratory, greenhouse and field experiments seed treatment was applied to protect carrot seedlings against damping-off. 
The treatments were used:as follows: mancozeb (Dithane M 45 80 WP), captan (Kaptan suspension 50 WP),
carbendazim  + thiram (Sarfun 65 DS), thiram  (Zaprawa nasienna T suspension), carboxine + thiram (Zaprawa Oxafun T 75 DS).
These treatments were either applied alone in three doses: 3, 5 and 10 g per kg seeds or in the same doses, but in a mixture
with iprodione (Rovral 50 WP - 3 g·kg-1) and  with metalaxyl (Apron 35 DS - 1 g·kg-1). In the discussed experiment also
procymidone (Sumilex 500 SC) was used in doses of 3, 5, 10 g·kg-1  and in the same doses in a mixture with  thiophanate
methyl (Topsin M 70 WP) - 3 g·kg-1 and  with metalaxyl (Apron 35 SD) - 1 g·kg-1. Two seed lots of carrot cv Perfekcja
were examined. One strongly inhabited by Alternaria radicina 34.0%, A. dauci 0.8% and Fusarium spp. 6.3%,  another one
less infested - A. radicina 11.0% and Fusarium spp. 0.8%. Iprodione was the most effective treatment in the control
of Alternaria species. In all experiments the best protection of carrot seedlings against damping-off revealed treatments
used in a dose of 10 g·kg-1 applied in the mixture with iprodione and metalaxyl. As the treatment dose decreased the efficacy
of disease control diminshed. Seed treatments used alone, even in the high dose of 10 g·kg-1  seeds, were less effective
than applied in the same dose, but in the mixture with iprodione and metalaxyl. No phytotoxic influence of the treatments
on carrot seedlings was observed.

keywords:carrot, damping-off, seed, Alternaria radicina, Fusarium spp.

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